Winter will be ephemeral: new Tattyoos by Idéel-lab (Switzerland)

Tattyoo is launching five temporary tattoos created by Mélanie Raetz and Simone Korbati, artistic directors at Idéel-lab, a design office based in Neuchâtel and Kyoto. Geometric shapes, navy and black colours, feminine forms and refinement are the key words for this adult collection for winter 2013/2014.

Tattyoo is thus taking further the idea that gave birth to its project, that of giving a free hand to young talents or known artists in this new field of contemporary art, temporary tattoos.

This led Mélanie Raetz and Simone Korbati to create a collection of five tattoos in exclusivity for Tattyoo. This is part of global reflection on the "representation of soberness and femininity", which can also be seen in their personal projects, for instance in the field of architecture and luxury products.

A kaleidoscopic vision of a simple form repeated ad infinitum on the skin, intricate designs resembling the work of fine goldsmiths or delicate embroidery – a visual language of glamour is a feature of this series. The artists thus draw inspiration from many dierent artistic references, such as Hella Jongerius or Jaime Hayon, or their own personal experience.

The images dedicated to this collection, realised by the Swiss photographer Matthieu Spohn, portray women in all their fragility and subtleness. Temporary tattoos and the body come together in light, delicate combinations, as if to better sublimate them. Here the smoke
is to recall the impermanence and fugacity of ephemeral tattoos.

Model : Noémie @ Demoiselle Models

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