Little Style | where did my babies go?

Reblog from Babyblackbird (October 16, 2012)

I’m going to be honest, once I finally sat down to write this post I totally forgot what I had planned to say. I know my posts usually range from pretty random to epically random anyways – but I always have an idea even if it comes across in a crazy random way.

SO instead of remembering what I was planning to share, I had a super sad moment as I uploaded these photos. I couldn’t/can’t get over just how grown up my two babies look in these photos – like “who are these teenagers!?” (well not quite, but come on!). They are walking, talking, super tall, sweet, empathetic, crazy affectionate and funny little humans who blow me away constantly with just how grown up they truly are – from how they interact with each other, us (others) and the amazing (and awesomely crazy) things that come out of their little mouths. As grateful and amazed that these two people are mine (well ours), can someone please tell me where the heck did my babies go!? 

HARLOW> Hat: The Gap (2008) – Shirt: H&M similar – Pants: C/O Polka Dot What – Shoes: Minnetonka – Tattoo: C/O Tattyoo

KING> Tee: The Gap – Overalls: C/O Next Direct – Shoes: Converse – Tattoo: C/O Tattyoo

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