Oh holy Tattyoobox!

November 19, 2012





The festive season is upon us, and there’s a Tattyoobox in store for everyone… Well, almost!

What little girl hasn’t tried out her mummy’s lipstick? What little boy hasn’t shuffled along in his daddy’s shoes? However old, our little darlings are always trying to pinch our stuff! And what if we reversed the trend?



As parents and their kids squabbled over our previous collections, we decided it was time to reconcile everyone. Henceforth, all the kids and their parents, all the boys and the girls will be entitled to their own Tattyoobox, with its collection of bestsellers and unreleased items.


Quick! A Tattyoobox on my Christmas wish list!

With its fancy packaging and its 5 sets of twin tattoos, the Tattyoobox is the perfect present for temporary tattoo fanatics, art enthusiasts, and amateurs of dreamlike designs. There’s always a good reason to sport a Tattyoo, whether for fun, to go out, or to reflect your mood! Fingers crossed, if the elves don’t pinch them all before Father Christmas does his round, the Tattyooboxes might spring up under the Christmas tree…

New tattoos in every Tattyoobox 


Alice Amiel (France) and Yohei Sugiyama (Japan)


Darling Clementine (Norway) and Zara G. Hoang (USA)



Petite Cocotte, for the little girls: Girls, I Can Fly, Winter Creatures, Dad Forever, Panda Gir

Little Coco, for the little boys: Boys, Ahoy Matey, Fruit & Vegs, Mouse ahoy, Aye Aye Captain

A Night Out: Un beau Jour, Calligraphy, Diamond, Feathers, Make Mama Angry

Black Out: Anchor, Gold fish, Try Before You Cry, Oh Snap, Lapin Boule 


Price for a Tattyoobox: €25, free shipping in Switzerland and Europe