New Tattyoos are now online!

Tattyoo just released 5 new fake tattoos for kids and adults!

Moth-birds by Penelope Kenny

Penelope is an Australian born artist who now lives and works in Brighton, U.K. Her work explores the relationship between humans and other animals, especially in connection to transhumanism, evolution, hybrids and biotechnology. Through her hybrid creatures she investigates the potential outcomes of humans trying to control evolution through genetic manipulation and scientific tampering with the species boundaries. 

Sweethearts by Audrey Jeanne

Audrey Jeanne is a freelance illustrator based in France. In addition to her commissioned work for magazines or brands, she has her own online shop with stationery, textile items and accessories. She likes cats (especially hers!) and has minimalist and retro style. 

Envolée de 8 coeurs rouges by Miy Made in You

Through MiY Made in You, Clementine and Nessa imagine and reinvent your world to help you create your fondest memories. They love beautiful things and have their own strong world view!

Will Make Mama Angry by Alice Amiel

Let's be naughty and see how long it will take til your mama find out it's a temporary tattoo! It will then make mama glad. Alice is a Swiss and French graphic designer based in Paris. She created her studio, Five Frekles, in 2011, with all the love it implies.

Feathers by Alice Amiel