New kids fake tattoos by Rachel Gresham (USA)

We just released today 3 new temporary tattoos designed by US artist Rachel Gresham. Rachel is a surface pattern designer and illustrator living in Nashville, USA, with her husband and young son.  Rachel has designed for products ranging from photography backdrops to scrapbook papers and temporary tattoos! She looks forward to each new project that comes her way. Interview!

Rachel, where are you from? Tennessee, deep in the woods.

How did you hear about Tattyoo? I follow someone on Twitter who was featured in your shop (I can't recall who...) and loved what I saw!

You never take a plane without …? Flip flops.  

What's in the bin of your computer? A million files that I'm too scared to throw out. It drives my husband nuts.

What would you buy with 20 EUR?  Hmm. That's about 25 USD, right? Right now I need some new paints and pens.  I can never get quite enough pens.

Are you happy? I am extremely happy!  

What song best reflects, according to you, your illustrations? Hmm. The intro to "Heart Cooks Brain" by Modest Mouse.  At least, I hope so.

What do you never finish? My to-do list.  Instead of finishing it I just make a new one....a prettier one.

At the moment Rachel is working on a few projects and contracts from a trade show this past May.  She is also in the incredible MATS e-course taught by Lilla Rogers. "It's dreamy! In the near future I plan to start a project in hand lettering, which should be really fun". We are already looking forward to continuing working with Rachel!

TATTYOOS are available here!

photography © byKristen England Photography

backdrop by  Rock the Drops