Tattyoo is happy to be partnering with French childrenswear couture house Bonpoint for a serie of temporary tattoos.

Rich in savoir-faire, and a true Parisian artisan fashion house, Bonpoint has a reputation for beautiful, quality products created with passion and attention to detail. With more than 100 stores around the world, through 27 countries – from Paris to St Petersburg, New York to Sao Paulo, Tokyo to Shanghai and Dubai.

Bonpoint is the French brand for children, with its own particular style, full of humour, magic and charm, with inspired shop windows and welcoming boutiques.

Bonpoint has created a magical temporary tattoo which is part of a pajama set for boys:


Bonpoint also chose two tattoos from our collection: Magic Tricks by Sarah Livescault and Envolée de 8 Coeurs Rouges by Made In you. You will find them in all Bonpoint stores around the world.

Founded in 1975, Bonpoint was one of the first Parisian fashion houses for children. It is now a reference
in the world of children's designer clothing, with over 100 stores worldwide combining luxury, elegance and
modernity. Its sophisticated style and the garments' contemporary, chic and glamorous spirit are a must
in high-end childrenswear.