Birthday tattoos

Beautiful, Non-Toxic Tattoos for Children

December 15, 2017

Children love to draw on any surface and even on their own body. They use crayons, sketch pens or ballpoint pens and some of them can be toxic. This is dangerous especially when they use their own body as an easel. So it is a good idea to give them tattoos uniquely designed for kids that are colorful, attractive and most importantly non-toxic and safe to use. The kid’s tattoos apparently have to be very bright and beautiful but the colors used are certified and meet the international safety standards which are very important. Though these tattoos are not recommended for children three years and younger, the older children could also accidentally eat small parts of the tattoo.

Birthday Tattoos

Temporary tattoos for birthday parties

A child’s birthday party or any other party where there are children is incomplete without a table set aside for tattoos. You can be sure that the largest crowd will be near the tattoo parlor. The happy faces of the children as they choose a tattoo of their favorite cartoon character or animal or superhero is indeed quite a joy. There is a huge collection of tattoos for kids on our site. It is possible also to customise tattoos for any special occasion, and if it is for kids, the tattoos can have a picture to match the theme of the party, which will be a lot of fun. These easy to apply and easy to remove tattoos are indeed a wonderful idea and are quite popular. It is supplied to numerous countries around the world.