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Make a Bold Statement with our Custom Temporary Tattoos

August 14, 2017

An ancient method of communication which has found a revival over the past decade is the art of tattooing. Currently, it is quite commonplace to have celebrities and other society figures using this age-old tradition to express their thoughts or feelings.

Skin tattooing appropriately done under strict hygienic conditions is painful, permanent, and impressive, if done right. If the tattoo needs removal, it can be done by undergoing many painful operations. An easier way to express thoughts/ideas is to have custom temporary tattoos made to order; this has been found to be perfect for birthday parties, weddings, and other functions. The big advantage of using good quality temporary tattoos is that it is safe, even for kids as young as three years old.

Good quality custom temporary tattoos manufactured by Tattyoo are made from non-toxic materials and use only certified ingredients which have been declared safe by monitoring agencies in the USA, Europe, and Canada. The biggest advantage is that these tattoos can be easily removed by using baby oil, hand sanitizers or liquid soap. Making these tattoos in bulk to celebrate a special occasion is now the norm, and it gives the recipients a thrill of putting on something that they would normally never even think of doing.

Speciality companies like Tattyoo are the places to order tasteful birthday tattoos which are applied to all attending guests, and it has been shown to be a big hit among kids, teens, and even adults. These tattoos can be ordered in bulk after the material has been vetted and samples delivered. Bulk order of these easy-to-apply tattoos is reflected in the costs; bigger quantity means lower costs. Temporary tattoos have allowed parents to remain cool in the eyes of their kids, with no after effects, while being cost-efficient.