Kids temporary tattoos

Fun at Parties with Kids Tattoos

October 11, 2017

Tattoos that kids will love

Kid’s tattoos have become very popular at birthday parties and kids parties. These are usually transferable using water. The image is printed on paper that is water permeable and placed with the ink side down so that when water is applied, it transfers quickly on to the skin. It is advisable to buy kids tattoos from reputable companies. This is because the ink used must be safe and FDA approved. It should be non allergenic too. Normally tattoo manufacturing companies use pigments and colors that are used for cosmetics so that it is absolutely non-toxic. These tattoos can be as easily removed by applying baby oil or rubbing with alcohol. The designs used in kid’s tattoos will depend on the type of event being celebrated and the theme that has been chosen.

Temporary tattoos as kids' party favor

Little girls generally prefer Barbie dolls, unicorn, flowers, and the like. Boys on the other hand would rather have more robust tattoos such as those of robots and favorite toys. Preferred tattoo pictures also include cartoon characters, sports stars, storybook characters, and animal pictures. Temporary kid’s tattoos are usually favorite take-away gifts at kids parties. Glitter tattoos and metallic tattoos are also quite popular among the little ones at kid’s parties. If they are glow in the dark tattoos, there is quite a scramble for them. Specific instructions can be given as to preferences if custom designed kids tattoos are being ordered. Custom designed tattoos are suitable for promotional events too when the customers being targeted are little children.

Kids temporary tattoo