How temporary tattoos can make any celebration memorable?

April 06, 2017

Unlike the old days more people can be seen sporting a tattoo as a fashion statement or to make some stand or for no reason at all.

Today the younger generation are keener to get inked and society too is changing its views on it. The tattoos that are usually inked are permanent but there is also the temporary kind which is quite common today. These tattoos are part of many a celebration like a kids birthday party or even a wedding.

Tattyoos are the perfect wedding tattoos

Our temporary tattoos look just like traditional tattoos. They come in all kinds of designs and the couple can choose one that will be perfect for their theme. If they do not find one they can even place an order for a customized design. These wedding tattoos are safe because they are non-toxic and they will last for about 3-5 days. They are waterproof too. Wedding tattoos adds to the fun of the day and when it is according to the theme of the day, the guests will be more than willing to get tattooed. This is another thing that will make the day memorable not just for the couple but for their friends and family too. The best thing about wedding temporary tattoos is that they can be taken off easily with some baby oil or alcohol. Hence those guests, who are not very keen on a tattoo, can remove it once they reach home.

Tattoos can be ordered online and they will be delivered to your door step.