The Real Deal behind Fake Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are non permanent images that are applied on the skin and are painless and temporary (as the name suggests) unlike permanent tattoos. These tattoos are a great alternative to those who are afraid of getting real tattoos either because of the pain inflicted by the needles or by the thought of having a permanent image on their body which they might get tired of or dislike after sometime. Temporary tattoos are gaining popularity among people of all ages because of their non permanency and appealing appearance. Fake tattoos come in all colors and sizes including those that have a metallic finish and look like fake jewelry, known as flash tattoos. Flash tattoos are a great way to perk up any outfit and are very convenient as they don't get entangled in your delicate clothing, unlike real jewelry, and also add a touch of glam to your everyday look.

Lengthening the Life Span of your Fake Tattoo

The greatest benefit of wearing a temporary tattoo is that it remains on your skin for a very short period. These tattoos are typically designed to last on your skin for a few days before they start fading or coming off. There are a few ways in which you can make your tattoo last a little longer like avoiding application of oils or lotions or even much soap in that area. Immediately after applying the tattoo, it also helps if you dust on a bit of baby powder or talc and keep the tattoo free of clothing. The proper care and attention will ensure your fake tattoos last a little bit longer without cracking, fading or peeling off too soon.