Kids temporary tattoo

Use Temporary Tattoos for Kids with Colourful and Imaginative Designs

January 29, 2018

Tattoo for kids

Tattoos have been around since the dawn of civilization, and have been used as symbols marking tribes, cultures, and religious beliefs. Currently, there is a revival of the use of tattoos, and this has been spreading all over the world.

Tattoos for adults can be very creative and require a lot of work, but with modern technology and inks, they can be made to look very beautiful. Today, even kids are in tune with the idea of tattoos, but the needles and permanency of the tattoos will put them off! This is why we are offering tattoos for kids which come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors but are temporary and can wash off quickly.


Though kids’ tattoos are of a temporary nature, they do look like the real thing, and this gives the kids a thrill that they have something like the adults’ permanent tattoos. Currently, these tattoos consist of colorful designs of animals like bears, deer, cats, dogs, fish, owls, and even mythical creatures like the unicorn tattos. Girls have the choice of fairies, dolls, and glittering designs.

Tattyoo produces safe and long-lasting temporary tattoos

Our tattoos for kids are very colorful and are made from FDA-approved colors; they are non-toxic and safe. These tattoo stickers are temporary, and application is done on a clean section of the skin by removal of the plastic backing of the sticker and fixing it carefully. Water application to the backing material will ensure that the tattoo is transferred to the point of application without any breakage.

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