Wedding tattoo

Keeping an Ancient Tradition Alive, Using Wedding Temporary Tattoos

May 15, 2017

A new craze that is sweeping people getting married is to display their love for each other in the form of tattoos inked on their bodies. This serves as a reminder of the day they got married and the love they have for each other.

Unfortunately, love sometimes fades, the couple separates, but the tattoos are there to stay, which makes it very awkward for the couple going on with their lives separately.

Fortunately, there are temporary wedding tattoos which are of good quality, colorful, and long-lasting, but can be removed quite easily without undergoing any medical procedure. These wedding tattoos can be selected from our own selection, or it can be customized to suit the bride and groom.

Depending on the complexity of the flash wedding temporary tattoos, prices tend to vary; a flash tattoo with the name of the bride and groom, colorful flowers, and wedding date could run up to €350 onwards for a set of 100 tattoos, again depending on how complex the design is. For something that makes an eye-catching statement, a gold flash tattoo could cost around €390 for a set of 100 tattoos.

Other color options are also available, and it takes around two weeks to get delivery of the tattoos from Switzerland. Researchers know that in ancient times, tattoos were used to deliver medicine to the affected part, similar to modern-day acupuncture. It went on from there to display ranking, status, and hierarchy in small communities. Today, the temporary wedding tattoos are fun and a perfect little gift for your invitees. The wide choice of wedding tattoos available ensures that the couple can browse through what is available and/or make their own.