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I own a store and I would love to sell your temporary tattoos, what shall I do?

Please check this page  or contact us for wholesale discounts.

How do I remove my temporary tattoo?

Simply soak tattoo with baby oil, nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Application instructions can be found here.

How long do our temporary tattoos last? 
Tattyoo temporary tattoos typically last at least 3-7 days on a area like ankles and wrists or where you don't sweat much or it wont get rubbed off by your clothing or shoes. This depends on how and where applied and usage. If you put a Tattyoo on hands it will only last for 1 day. Do not use Tattyoos on skin if you applied sun creams! It won't work.

Are your temporary tattoos safe for children? 

Yes. Temporary tattoos are safe and non-toxic with certified colorants. Every tattoo meets all international regulatory requirements. Our products meet EU and US safety standards for cosmetic and toy products.

Our ingredients do not contain parabens or methylisothiazolinone.

You can easily remove the tattoo with baby oil, nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol.

Warning: tattoos on this site are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years. Small parts may cause a choking hazard. 

Are your temporary tattoos safe? 

Safety is very important to us. Our tattoos are printed with soy-based inks (as opposed to to traditional petroleum-based ink) and we deliver the highest quality temporary tattoos in the world. The temporary tattoos you purchase are completely safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Our manufacturer uses only certified colorants and time-proven manufacturing techniques to ensure our products meet or exceed all applicable international regulatory requirements.

In March, 2013, the FDA site, MedWatch, reported on several people with temporary tattoos experiencing blisters, redness, raised red weeping lesions, light sensitivity and also permanent scarring. The ‘black henna’ includes ingredients which make the tattoos darker and last longer, rendering them more problematic. Coal-tar hair dye, added to black henna, contains para-phenylenediamine (PPD). PPD is illegal to add to cosmetics due to its propensity to cause allergic reactions. We do not use PPD in our temporary tattoos.

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